"Mr. Pitts has one of the most beautiful voices in existence today with impeccable diction and admirable declamatory skills. In short, he is the Canio of our time."


                            -Nino Pantano, a critic reviewing a performance of Paul Pitts in New York

"Working with Dr. Pitts and his lovely wife Annette has been a joy to me. I have yet to meet a couple more commited to the cause of Christ and fulfilling their purpose in the earth."


                     -Jonathan D. Goodwin - President & CEO Redemption World Management

My husband Augie & I have heard Paul sing at the Breakfast Club in Lakeland many times. He recently began to perform this beautiful dramatic Musical, "The Scribe". He is the lone performer depicting the life of Christ as told from a scribe's point of view and how he came to believe in Jesus as he followed Him and heard the testimony of Simon Peter. It is just a wonderful story that follows the Bibical Gospel of Jesus's life and then dying for us. The music is made up of familiar songs that we love to sing. He has one of the best tenor voices I have ever heard. Paul is not only a performer but a very compassionate person whose desire it is to touch the lives of others for Jesus.  

                                                                    -Gail Hollenbeck - Tampa Bay Times & Hernando Times

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