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Annette travels full time with her husband Paul. Together they have became an unstoppable force. Annette was 7 years old when she caught her hand in between a roller and iron plate on a hot Ironright clothes ironer with 200 lbs pressure on her little hand. All of the tendons in her left hand were completely destroyed. The family doctor told her parents, "She will never use that hand again." Annette's parents, H. T. and Evelyn Troup, were devastated by the news. Annette laid her head on her mother's lap as she cried out to God to save the hand of her little girl. God heard Evelyn's prayer and healed Annette's hand completely. Annette plays the piano today to bring glory to the Great Physician, the one who heals us in our time of greatest need.

You will enjoy the piano styling of one of gospel music's best as she plays.

Let her new recording "Bless the Lord" bring

healing to your life,

hands and heart.

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